Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas has been hard or me. I love to shop, not usually buy, the days before Christmas. I finally was able to go to a couple of stores. But not like usual, was worn out.
I got to Kim and Lakins in the late afternoon., Christmas eve. Savannah and Christopher came to the car to help take packages in. Of course Christopher grabbed the ones wrapped in thomas the train and spiderman paper. Savannah took the princess wrapped gifts and some of the other ones. She kept looking for a large box That her twin doll was in.   No BIG box.  She never said anything but I got that disappointed look.. (more about that later.)
At dusk, kids in their new pjs, we went out to look at Christmas lights! Their cul de sac was lite up, three  houses with lights stood out.  We usually go to Nollensille  to see the house that has beautiful lights that are set to music. Christopher didn't want to leave that house. But  we found many more. Both kids looked for lights on 'their side'  We stopped for drinks at Sonic. Then to more lights.  Savannah finally fell asleep but Christopher kept looking. Finally he said that we should go home so Santa could come to 'our house'

On the way to Lakin's we stopped at my house to pick up the package delivered that evening - the  My Twin Doll.  No package. checked all around the house, checked the neighbors. NO doll. Kim checked the tracking and it said it had been delivered at 6pm. Finally double checked and found it had been delivered to their house not mine. WHEW!! We went to their house and it was on the porch. YEA..  Savannah was asleep and missed all this drama. Lakin grabbed it and took it in the house, while we got the kids out of the car. Savannah got in the house and curled up on the couch - back to sleep. Christopher was still going strong, said he would never go to sleep. Had Family prayer,  Lakin took them into the bedroom, read to them and told them it was nite nite time. Christopher said he would not go to sleep. 20 minutes later both kids were out like a light.
ime to get the Santa stuff out. Savannah wanted a Pink Beebe gun and Christopher two Hot Wheel sets. After much squealing  and jumping around, Savannah picked up her pink gun. She and daddy read the rules and direction for handling & firing the gun. AND where it would be kept - in the gun safe with mom and dads guns. Savannah got clothes, overnight luggage, an outfit for her American Girl doll, books and videos. She finally found the big box with her twin doll.(it was hid behind other bags. She hugged and hugged it. She knew she was getting it as she had picked out the outfit. She says it looks like her but the face is too full. Of course it is a 23 inch and all round bigger doll than the 18 inch American Girl dolls.

Christopher  was more excited this year, More into Christmas. He got a Red Rider Beebe gun, the new Thomas the train set, some Spiderman stuff, Books, videos, pjs and some clothes.

Nana Claus didn't get them as much as usual, wasn't up to shopping. But the gkids didn't seem to notice and appreciated what they got. I got hugs and kisses for both their cards and gifts.

The Bishop had come by the week before to see if there was anything they needed for the kids. Lakin explained they had enough toys but needed some Church clothes. (both kids had out grown their church clothes in the preceding  month)  So Kim went shopping with the money from the church and got Savannah got 2 new dresses for church and Christopher  got pants, vest, shirt and tie. Christopher said the clothes were for him to wear to church.

Kim, Lakin and I got a few little things. They got a metal family tree that hangs on the wall to hang small frames with pictures. I had run out of ideas and time to get their present..  So gave them money which went toward a Samsung tablet. The Tablet is not just for them but will be used to help Savannah with her school work. The thought is that the tablet will help her concentration on a single lesson at a time. They are looking to get a cheap tablet for her to use at school.

Lakin took the kids to Dollar General to Christmas shop. Savannah got me the slippers that you put in the microwave to warm them. She said Nana needed them to keep her feet warm.. Christopher got me a Santa in camafluge suit and orange vest.. He said that Nana needed it for her Santas. I told Lakin it looked more like his dad than Santa. We got a big laugh out of that. They also got something for mom and dad but I don't remember what. They both were as excited to give me my gifts and getting their own. They are both caring and loving grandkids.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Christopher is at it again,  He was here wed evening for a couple of hours. He was sneezing and coughing once in a while. I ask if he had a cold.he told me no, then proceded to tell me that he was not cold. I explained  about a cold. He then walked to me rubbing his arms. "Nana, I can't have a cold when my arms are hot." discussed a 'cold'. He told his dad later that he had a cold even if my arms are hot. Nana told him that.
Christopher informed me he needed another of the new Thomas  movie. I said he had one at home and didn't need a second one.  "But Nana you need the movie at your house so you can watch it with me when I come to your house".  He  has an answer to everything

As you know when I get one something  I get some thing  for the other.  Well last week Christopher got his new Thomas movie. Savannah and I discused what she would get.   We talked about toys, naaaa, movie same reaction  How about a new dress  for church.She liked that Idea. So her mom, Savannah and I went shopping today. She is no longer in the little girls section for size. She and Kim picked out several  dresses to try on. She had to model them for me. One dress a beautiful blue looked good on her  BUT by the end of  October it would not fit. She said it was too tight and not very modest. Had 4 more try  on the one she really liked did not have her size.  They looked some more, found a long brown skirt with contrasting blouse and a brown long scarf. Oh how she modeled that one, flipping the skirt as she walked.  Mommie got  her  a 2nd blouse to go  with it. As I said  she  is in the 8 to 14 sizes, sticker shock. cost as much or more than mine. But she loved them that is what counts.

Kim Bogart Rosier posted this on Facebook.
Christopher took his first "Accelerated Reading" test yesterday on a library book he chose. (They are not slated to start that program until 1st grade and we aren't even to the first grading period in Kindergarten. And he's reading well into 1st grade level books) He got a 100% on it. This is not where we had read the book to him and he just remembered the content HE is reading the books and understanding what he reads!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thomas the Train

 Christopher always knows when a new Thomas the Train  movie is due to be released. He checks the web site and watches the newspaper ads.  Well Blue Mountain something was released yesterday.  And as usual I had gotten it for him. BUT He had a rough day at school.  He is having a terrible time not blurting out the answers for any questions ask. Yesterday he was at the bottom of the color chart they have for behavior.  I had picked up the movie so gave  it to Kim  for when he was doing better. Well this afternoon my phone rang and it was Christopher inviting me to come watch the movie with him. He had had a good day. Had dropped a color but was able to bring it back up to acceptable.  I had to hurry fast to his house as Savannah was about done with her homework then he could watch the movie.
He is in an accelerated reading class. He tested in reading at k/9m to 1st grade/9mo. Today he read at above grade level.  He reads constantly.  Sounds out the words he doesn't know. Most are right.Tho

When I get one something I always get the other something of equal value (or close). Savannah and I had talked about getting a toy for her. We discussed that she had so many toys, last time we had trouble finding something she wanted.  She has had another growth spurt so most of her dresses are too short, only has a couple that fit her.  Primary program at church is this Sunday so she decided that she needed a new dress. So tomorrow after school and homework Kim will bring her  to go shopping for a dress. In 3rd grade and so picky about her clothes.  Has to be modest!!  Has to have sleeves, not show her belly and be long enough..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Christopher's latest

I miss all of  Christopher's quips since I do not take them or pick them up from school.
The 2nd day of school, parents were permitted to walk them to class. Kim was going to drop Christopher off in class Then go to Savannah's class to help with the "Fun Run" , school fund raiser.. When Kim told the gkids the routine for the morning. Christopher was very upset with 'mom'. To paraphrase(as I don't  remember the exact words) He informed his mom he knew how to get to his class  and did not need her to
take  him..

One day Christopher had vomited at school(happens every few months)(dr says it is his allergies). So he  went  home.  Lakin needed to go  to the Dr for  a sinus infection,  As  the Dr was getting ready to give Lakin a shot, Christopher piped up with "Are you going to give him a shot in his butt cheek?"  That doctor waits, when Christopher comes  to the  office to see what will be the 'gem' of the day.. OH he is now  back to trusting his doctor since he was not the  one  getting the shot.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last quarter of a century1

Well today starts the last quarter o a century for me. It is hard for me to think that I am now 76 Years old. I never thought I would see the day. Almost didn't a couple of times  - Doctor at the time told me I was too ornery to let go..  :)  I guess I am like my Grandfather Thomas, Both of my Doctors told me to use a cane to study myself when walking. As My grandfather said  "I am not old enough to use a can.). It is hard for me to ask other people to do something for me. Even if it is just helping me get my groceries to the car.

I have done many things in my life that I have wanted to and  Happy with what I have done. I have met many many friends all over the United States and Canada via my Department 56 village collection. I have stayed in their homes. Several of us, use to meet a couple times a year at what was called Gatherings. These were mini conventions put on by many Collector clubs All over the United States.We also had a chat group on AOL for several years. The women of this group, contacted Kim,  and organized an online  Nana Shower when we got my  granddaghter.  Lakin invited me out to eat that evening and kept delaying my leaving. Finally Kim said "I know you are wanting to get to the chat, so go ahead." It took me a little bit to get into the chat thru there server but I did and when I signed in  all these ladies typed in suprise!!  We chated a bit about Savannah and they told me to turn around and look behind me.  There was a wall of  baby shower gifts. Some small, some home made and some large and expensive. They were all items that were suppose to go to my house for Savannah's use there.Some did and some didn't. Yes many tears were shed.  Most of these women have kept in touch. We have lost  a couple of them and a couple of their husbands. If you see on Facebook someone calls me Rosie, that is one of this group both male and female.. We now keep up with all our children and grandkids and some greatgrandkids.  I have spent hours on line and on the phone with these friends to give comfort during many illnesses and deaths.

 Never thought I would have any grandchildren - have 2 wonderful sweet loving grandchildren. They are my life now. I would love to take them to Disney, but know at this time that is a no no with  my heart problems. So I will go to the zoo with them soon. Was to be today they were taking me to the zoo for my birthday(electric carts available now).  But that ole vomiting bug took both kids down.. We will go another day.

Yes I am really Rambling tonight but am putting this down mostly for my family. I need to put many stories in here for my grandkids to read at a later date. But I just keep thinking I have a lot of years ahead of me to do it. Now not so sure so plan to start doing some memories.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Christopher's phase-in day.

 This morning, 8/17  was Christopher's phase-in half day.  It is to get to know his teacher and some of his class members - only one other child scheduled this day. He was soooo excited!! I hope he keeps his love of school going for the next 13 years.

I mentioned earlier that I thought there was 3 to 6 Kindergarten classes. oops there are 9, yes nine!!!  His class is in the 1st grade wing of the school since there are only 8 1st grades. Savannah has 7 classrooms in her 3rd grade. The school is K thru 5. Plus developmental pre K. This school is growing by leaps and bounds.  The Rockvale area has many new homes and lots of young families. He will also get to see his orginal preK teacher, Ms Deedee. And will be looking for the aide Mrs Angel. These two women helped him adjust to the routine of school and started him on his love of school. Of course, like every other teacher/aide he has encountered, they love their Christopher.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mr Eric's Pool

 I mentioned Mr Eric's Pool in the last post. This is Their next door neighbor. They know the rules about going into the pool without mom or dad with them. They love Mr Eric so much that they don't want him mad at them  :).  He has a daughter a year younger than Savannah and a daughter 2 weeks older than Christopher.  After the Olympics  Savannah and Mr Eric's oldest  were doing synchronised swimming and doing a good job of it. Savannah was doing 2 & 3 sommersaults under water.   They fussed cause Christopher was jumping in the water making waves so he finally just chilled out in an intertube. He splashes around in the water and does swim a little bit.  We have to watch him cause he will jump into the pool, stand on the bottom and look around. Some of the time it is a little too long of a time for the adults.  He has NO fear of jumping in.  I am afraid to take him to a regular pool - he would follow the bigger kids up the ladder and jump in from the diving board.